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Improving textile waste collection


To have a better solution for textile waste the city of Antwerp collaborated...

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WINPOL now has a video presentation


We have a new presentation video!

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New catalogue of PAYT and KAYT practices


LIFE Rethink Waste published its catalogue of 12 practices in PAYT and KAYT.

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Discover our examples of innovative tarification


The WINPOL partners tackled the complex question of fee modulation by discussing...

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Innovative tarification: the agenda is out!


Discover the whole agenda of the third WINPOL Thematic Seminar.

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Get inspired to reduce waste with the EWWR


Looking for ideas to reduce waste? Find inspiration at the EWWR 2019 Awards...

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What's next until November 2020?


The end of the first phase is coming.... Actions plans are getting ready for...

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Interesting resources from Interreg Europe


WINPOL selected for you some of the useful resources developed by Interreg...

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WINPOL's local impact - Gijón


What has been the impact of WINPOL in Gijón so far?

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WINPOL's local impact - Heraklion and Crete


What has been the impact of WINPOL in Heraklion and for Crete?

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Costs & benefits of improved PPW collection


Webinar recording on the costs and benefits of improved paper and packaging...

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WINPOL's local impact - Malta


What has been the impact of WINPOL in Malta?

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