The Interreg Europe team might have been working from home in the last couple of months but it has nonetheless been active! A wide range of webinars have been organised, briefs and articles published by the Policy Learning Platform and the Interreg Europe Secretariat. We have selected some of them for you.


  • Webinar on biogas from organic waste: most municipalities and regions have realised that they can only reach their recycling targets if they implement separate collection of biowaste and select a treatment that counts as recycling, such as biogas and composting. This webinar dedicated to biogas from bio-waste brings these solutions closer to policy makers by showcasing examples from Finland, Bulgaria and Germany that illustrate the many different areas of application for biogas.
  • Sustainable waste management in circular economy: this policy brief aims to support cities and regions in waste management. It offers an overview of the Circular Economy Action Plan and the different legislation, targets, communications and strategies adopted by the European Commission in the recent years. However, its asset is to provide insights and inspiration from several funded projects (including WINPOL) which already identified good examples in 3 main areas: reduce-reuse-recycling of waste; food waste prevention; landfill rehabilitation.
  • Creating regional opportunities through landfill rehabilitation: during the webinar, policy makers and practitioners learned how to address this landfill legacy and gained insights on regional opportunities that can be created through landfill rehabilitation. Examples from the Malta and the Netherlands have illustrated that good solutions are available to recycle the majority of the materials contained in old landfills. The example from Poland illustrated how landfill gas can be transformed into electricity, or into a clean renewable transport fuel as compressed biogas (CBG) for waste trucks and buses.
  • How to anchor the innovation process in cities? This article sheds light on two projects – RELOS3 and SPARK DEMO – which build on formal and informal networks to accelerate the innovation process.


Tools and tips

  • Tips for online project meetings: as many Interreg Europe projects are moving their activities partially online, IE Secretariat organised two webinars for projects to share experiences and tips on online meetings and activities.
  • 'Get to know the Policy Learning Platform': the Policy Learning Platform organised a webinar to present their services and to show how project partners are able to benefit from it. It explained how the Platform can help extend experiences and exchanges beyond project partnerships.
  • Testing new approaches with pilot actions: discover and get inspired by a few examples of how the learning gained in a project can be tested in a region and hopefully bring about long-term impact. The examples also show the variety and richness of the pilot actions supported by Interreg Europe.

Europe let’s cooperate! 2020

Do not miss the 2020 edition of 'Europe, let's cooperate! interregional cooperation forum' that will take place online on 9 June 2020 (10-11:30 CEST). It will focus on helping regions face the COVID-19 crisis and become more resilient.

  • What are the cooperation results so far?
  • How can regions boost the competitiveness of their regional businesses?
  • What could turn the greatest economic challenge of the century into a catalyst for Europe's low-carbon growth?

Join the online webinar on 9 June and learn more about the results of the interregional cooperation. Discover a range of inspiring ideas and solutions Interreg Europe projects offer for tackling the COVID-19 crisis and regional development.

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