The recording of the COLLECTORS’ webinar organised on 30 April on the costs and benefits of improved paper and packaging waste collection is now available for download online.

The session was an interactive discussion about how improving the selective collection of paper and packaging waste fractions impacts costs. Three speakers presented different aspects of the topic such as the importance of information and awareness to improve the performance of waste collection systems, with the presentation of know-as-you-throw, increasingly being used to complement taxes (like PAYT schemes). Parma also explained how it managed to lower the average waste fees for its residents while increasing separate waste collection to over 81%.

A succinct summary of the webinar and the three presentations are available on the COLLECTORS website.

This webinar is the first in a series of three webinars that will summarise the project's findings. Throughout these three online events, the project will highlight innovative approaches to waste collection systems.

In particular, the project has just published a financial cost-benefit analysis of 12 different waste collection and sorting systems from various European countries. The report is among the few publications that use the same methodology to compare systems from different countries in order to shed light on their overall cost effectiveness, as well as highlight enabling factors and challenges. The 12 case studies included in the analysis cover paper and packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, and construction and demolition waste.