WINPOL is not the only project linked with circular economy implemented by the Municipality of Heraklion on its territory. The Municipality is also involved in the projects ACUA and A2UFOOD whose main goal is to reduce organic waste, promote sorting at the source, strengthen the circular economy and increase composting quantities.

With these projects, the Municipality of Heraklion aim to create the basis for establishing a holistic management approach for food waste tackling both the avoidable aspect with the reuse of portions of meals not given to the people under the necessary conditions and the unavoidable aspect through composting solutions.

Thanks to these projects, citizens of Heraklion will soon benefit from the following:

  • creation of a second opportunity restaurant, providing meals for people in need;
  • implementation of a a network of Autonomous Composting Units in specific neighbourhoods of Heraklion;
  • development of a pilot bioplastic unit by using unavoidable food wastes;
  • launch of a mobile app for supermarkets in order to motivate consumers to use products that they have already bought but are near to the expiration date;
  • and creation of a a network of home composters.

Regarding this last action, a call has been launched inviting citizens to apply for a composter. It was very popular, with a large number of applications submitted. 100 of them were selected and will have the possibility to be provided with a home composter, under the condition they have garden and a mobile phone suitable for installing a application that the HELLENIC MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSITY OF CRETE will prepare. The composter will be distributed on 4-6 November 2020.