After two semesters spent assessing the current situation on partners’ territories, the time has come to analyse and compile the information from the six “baseline reports”. The results will be presented in a joint report showing the current state of smart systems and policies in the field of waste management in Europe. This report will be available on the WINPOL website.

Different events will continue to be organised by each partner on their territory to present the project and its first findings to relevant external audience. These events are a good opportunity for the participants to interact with their municipality and share their comments on the waste management system currently in use. Partners will also communicate internally, by organising learning workshops for their colleagues who are not directly involved in the project.

In parallel, the project partners will continue to learn and discover interesting good practices from their territories and beyond. A site visit to Imola, in Italy, is scheduled for September 2019. Although the city is not part of the project, Imola implemented in 2016 a unique system of tailored fees using lateral load containers. Another study visit will take place on 19-21 November 2019 hosted by the City of Antwerp. It will be coupled with Thematic Seminar 2 focusing on innovative models for waste collection, prevention and recycling.

More information on each event will be available on this website so do not forget to check it regularly or follow WINPOL on Twitter!