WINPOL was one of the good practices chosen by the Waste4Think project to be part of the networking session of its final event. Participants of the event, which took place on 8 October 2019 in Bilbao, during the ISWA Congress, discovered thanks to engaging posters 8 European projects in the field of innovative waste management strategies, namely COLLECTORS, PLASTICIRCLE, WINPOL, PPI4Waste, UrbanWINS, SCREEN, LIFE PAYT and LIFE Ewas.

WINPOL poster, prepared by ACR+, detailed the objectives and planned activities of the project. You can download the poster here.

Waste4Think is a European project, in the context of the European H2020 strategy, which worked for four years in applying new technologies, along with citizen involvement related techniques, to improve urban waste management. Four European cities took part: Halandri (Greece), Sevesi (Italy), Cascais (Portugal) and Zamudio. They are different in size, industry level and tourism attraction, so that final conclusions may be extrapolated to the rest of Europe.