The processes of the public procurement tender regarding the WINPOL project have been successfully finalized by the Municipality of Heraklion. It included reporting on the project, preparing financial reports, meetings and dealing with travel costs. Thus, on 27 April 2020, A. ALEXIOU & CO G.P.C. (“EXELIXIS”), external expert company has started working on the WINPOL project to support the Municipality of Heraklion.

The tasks assigned to EXELIXIS are diverse. EXELIXIS will elaborate the individual progress reports of Municipality of Heraklion to be sent to lead partner at technical and financial level, organise a Thematic seminar, a study-visit and a partners’ meeting in Heraklion. EXELIXIS will also facilitate and ensure the participation of members of the Greek stakeholder group in the different Thematic seminars and study visits of the Phase 1 of the project and in the project’s final conference, during Phase 2.