Some actions and policies of the  new strategic plan are developed in accordance with the lessons learned in WINPOL.

With most of the good practices already identified, partners are already thinking of the changes that they could bring to their local policies to improve their waste management system and increase their performances towards higher sustainability. Slowly the first lines of action plans, to be implemented in 2021, are drawn. Which practices caught the attention of each project partner? Which changes are currently being assessed? What is the current impact of WINPOL at local level?

Zoom on Antwerp!

Several good practices have drawn the attention of the team of Antwerp, in particular "intelligent cameras" in Amsterdam, "Waste reduction at events" in Graz, "Reuse APP" in Gijón, positive approach of waste as a resource in Apeldoorn, urban mining in Antwerp and facilitating invoicing and payments for underground waste systems in Ghent. The work is now to select the three best and most feasible before presenting them to decision makers in the view of their implementation.

After the 2019 municipal elections, the new city government has agreed upon a new strategic plan to be developed for 2020-2025, changing with that a number of policies on waste management. The high level targets set for the new strategic plan include actions and policies developed in accordance with the lessons learned in WINPOL: the expansion of underground waste containers has been put on hold in order to improve the system, more attention will go to "clean streets" and awareness and enforcement.