KRWMC's Action Plan focuses on improving the use of the last remaining funds available in the Lithuanian multi-fund OP for 2014-2020. The measure specifically concerned by the 2LIFES project is Measure No. 05.2.1-APVA-R-008- Development of municipal waste management infrastructure.

This 2LIFES partner was facing the problem that the re-use and repair sector in the Klaipeda Region is only taking the first steps, even if the process soon needs to be accelerated. The Klaipėda Region has a powerful municipal waste incineration plant and is the leading region concerning municipal waste incineration in Lithuania. Therefore, it is challenging to overcome the situation in favour of waste sorting, repair, and re-use, but the first steps are being done.

To prevent waste, the active involvement of regional communities and KRWMC will be promoted to increase food waste sorting and reduction with integrated re-use measures in the Klaipeda County. This action is inspired by the best practices of the Holistic Waste Management Program in the Municipality of Aglantzia (Cyprus) and the Ki? – Ti & Mi initiative in Hungary. The former consisted of a new waste management program by which the municipality introduced a variable payment method of the waste collection fee charged to citizens by which they can pay less if they reduce the waste generated. The latter is an initiative started in 2019 on the local farmer's market showing people how to buy groceries and local food without disposable packing material.

The Action Plan also aims to create and promote of Ludoteca-like public participation network focused on the need, means and opportunities for food waste sorting and reduction, and also the re-use of food-related bags and packaging in Klaipeda County. This action is inspired by the good practice of Ludoteca "Riù" (Marche Region, Italy).

The final Action Plan is available here.