EMULSA, the waste management authority for the City of Gijón, Spain, is making significant progress in their mission to promote re-use and waste prevention. Through their Action Plan, they have implemented several initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of re-use among citizens and maximizing resource efficiency.

One of EMULSA's noteworthy accomplishments is the successful execution of 10 monthly workshops held at their dedicated space, Reusapp. These workshops provide Gijón's residents with valuable knowledge and skills on reusing various items, including furniture, clothes, decoratoins, and other household goods. 

EMULSA continues to operate a free door-to-door furniture collection service, which facilitates the re-use or recycling of donated furniture. This initiative encourages citizens to donate their furniture in good condition, in exchange for the convenience of having it collected from their homes free of charge. This approach not only diverts furniture from landfills but also supports the local economy and promotes social inclusion. In fact, the objective is to engage a social enterprise to carry out the collections through a public tender. 

In addition to these efforts, EMULSA organized three "pop-up" events focused on re-use. These events coincided with the conclusion of the European project 2Lifes, whose final conference took place in Gijón. The pop-ups were held at various locations, including the esplanade of the Gijón Aquarium, the Gas Factory Park, and the Ecological and Artisan Market in Plaza Mayor. These engaging events showcased the possibilities of reusing items and raised awareness among the public about the importance of incorporating reuse practices into their daily lives.