The European project 2LIFES, of which the Marche Region is a partner, is focused on the promotion of re-use through public policies.

During the first presentation meeting held on Tuesday January 14th, comparing their experiences, all participants shared that re-use, if properly managed, is an effective tool to promote environmental sustainability, employment and solidarity.

The meeting was also a useful opportunity to present the latest regional planning activities on the theme of waste production prevention, on the Regional Network of Re-use Centres and on the activities of the Marche re-use playgrounds Representatives of the Territorial Area Authorities, the municipalities, the managers of the Playgrounds and regional officers attended.

Participants were shown that the project focuses exclusively on re-use and more specifically on re-use activities promoted by public administrations, which still has great potential for development as it is usually promoted by the third sector. The problem of premature recycling or even landfilling of masses of reusable goods is cross-cutting across Europe.

By participating in this project and by carrying out of the planned activities, the Marche Region will find new solutions based on the theme of environmental protection and solidarity.


In particular Marche Region intends to:

• Find new solutions to integrate and improve the current network of re-use centres

• Improve and update the Regional Waste Prevention Programme by identifying new objectives and new activities concerning the re-use of materials and objects

• Propose to the partnership the re-use of stone material (natural stones) resulting from the demolition of masonry buildings following a seismic event or, in general, of materials resulting from "selective demolition" or "deconstruction" (e.g. bricks, tiles, natural wood beams, etc.).


It was highlighted that the main expected results through the exchange of experiences, sharing of good practices and identification of measures for the improvement of regional programming tools, are an increase of capacity in planning and developing initiatives on re-use, a greater awareness of households, businesses and administrations on the need to change consumption patterns and replace the old paradigm of "produce, use, discard" with a new one that focuses on prevention and re-use.

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