On 19 November 2018, Heraklion Municipality in cooperation with the Region of Crete organised an information session to present the WINPOL project. A large audience, including politicians and public officials responsible for waste management, experts in ICT and innovation fields as well as representatives of SMES and the civil society, attended this Info Day. They could not only discover the WINPOL project in detail but also learn about the situation regarding waste management in Heraklion and how the municipality will be involved in the project.

In his statements Mr Kalogeris, Regional Vice Governor of the Environmental, Sectoral and Department welcomed the attendants and mentioned that the rational waste management is from the beginning of his service duty a main goal and a lot of work has been done towards this direction.

Mr Kalogeris, Regional Vice Governor referring to WINPOL noted that “even today in most European cities, the gathering systems and the relative policies are still old fashioned, with heavy cost and inefficient. While in other cities, technologies and innovations exist and already applied in the sector of waste management, and are capable of giving analysed data, information and alerts that can support regional and local administrations to construct more completed and dynamic data bases which give the possibility of developing rational and rightful tax policies according to the 'polluter pays' principle”

On the other hand Mr Mamoulakis, Deputy Mayor on the Department of Waste Management of Heraklion’s Municipality and President of ESDAK mentioned that: “Within the boundaries of Heraklion’s Municipality we have managed to utilize European Projects towards the optimization of the waste management and the development of conditions capable to support cycling economy in Heraklion. It is not an easy task and with a very strong European competition, but we excel because of our good preparation and the reliable proposals we submit. With the specific project together with the Region of Crete, we are moving forward, minimizing our environmental print and that’s why all members of the Municipality of Heraklion and the Region of Crete  deserve congratulations for the good work.

The presentations made during the events (in Greek) are available for download on the event page.

Read the full press release in Greek or in English.