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Partner Regions Leading the Way in Re-use Policies


In recent months, the 2LIFES project has demonstrated remarkable progress in its...

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Kredsløb's New Guidelines


Kredsløb has recently published two guidelines to inspire other organisations.

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Aarhus: Re-Use And Repair At The Forefront


Kredsløb’s Action Plan focuses on improving the Waste Plan Aarhus 2021-2026,...

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Marche Region: Re-use Policies in Action


Marche Region is implementing an innovative Action Plan focused on re-us with...

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Intermunicipal Reuse Centre in Nicosia Takes Shape


Cyprus takes significant strides towards a circular economy with the development...

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EMULSA drives sustainable practices in Gijón


EMULSA, the waste management authority for the City of Gijón, Spain, is making...

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Event on KDRIÜ's GreenTeen Programme


KDRIÜ's GreenTeen program progresses with online event showcasing completed...

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2LIFES Final Dissemination Event was a success


The 2LIFES Final Dissemination Event, held on 28th February 2023 in Gijón,...

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2LIFES is approaching its Final Conference!


The 2LIFES Final Dissemination Event will take place on 28th February 2023 in...

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Marche Region - implementation of the Action Plan


The Marche Region is making progress on the two pilot actions included in the...

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KDRIÜ - implementation of the Action Plan


The Action Plan approved some months ago has made progress in recent months.

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EMULSA - implementation of the Action Plan


The progress made in regards to the Action Plan approved some months ago is...

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