The Action Plan approved some months ago to promote re-use in the Central Transdanubia Region has made progress in recent months. Zöldellő Sárrét Association, Veszprém Public Utility Services Ltd., the Municipality of Veszprém and of course, 2LIFES’ partner KDRIÜ, the Central Transdanubian Regoinal Innovation Agency, have been working together to implement the plan.

The first action of the plan was the establishment, installation and operation of a Swap Box in Veszprém. This mobile swop box is now ready, and the design and information panels are being installed. In Spring it will be placed in a district of the city, and will be promoted accordingly.


Swap boxes are spaces with a pleasant aesthetic that allow citizens who want to get rid of an object still in good condition to donate it there, thus allowing any interested person to take it free of charge. Their design protects donated goods from harm that could affect their re-use potential. The main reasons for implementing this action are the current low number of re-use initiatives and the absolute lack of re-use centres in the region.

The second action of the plan involved developing and implementing the GreenTeen Programme in primary and secondary schools. The implementation has already begun, with training sessions in secondary schools.


The three stakeholders involved in the Action Plan have been working hard to ensure its success, using the Italian experience of Ludoteche del Riuso for guidance and inspiration. Ludoteche del Riuso is an experiential learning and hands-on initiative for three different age groups, integrated into the children's education programme, which demonstrates the importance of waste reduction and ways to reduce waste, with a focus on re-use, through crafts and creative activities. All 2LIFES partners could visit this inspiring initiative during the study visit to Marche Region in March 2022.


KDRIÜ, the Central Transdanubian Regoinal Innovation Agency, expects that the two actions will be successful in achieving the goals outlined in the plan.